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Blumies Gods
The silent symphony of our future orchestrating within.


​Extra Rewards for $CRO Mints:

Legendary Blumies Gods NFT - if you find one you'll get one key that can be used to unlock one of the chests containing juicy rewards with a total value of more than 80,000 $CRO!
Random wallet that mints in first 10 minutes of mint start will receive 1000 $CRO & Airdrops!
Top 3 minters will receive first ever Custom Blumies Gods! (Not counting free mints)
Everyone who mints at least 1x Blumies Gods NFT will receive an AirDrop NFT.



- 1. Long-Term Staking -
Experience high quality long-term staking on our website and be rewarded in $GOD token daily. Ability to purchase goods and much more beyond that!

- 2. Daily $CRO Claims -

Receive $CRO every single day in our discord server for holding & staking Blumies Gods! Boosted and higher rewards compared to Blumies! Receive it to your wallet or purchase perks you want to!

- 3. Royalty Percentage -

Each holder of Blumies Gods will be able to claim half of all royalties generated through our website! Staking rewards, daily claims & royalties! LFG!

- 5. Mystery Events -

We're continuing with our mystery events that server a purpose of unexpected rewards and airdrops. Such events have include juicy prizes such as CRO, Airdrops, Boosters & more!

- 4. Exclusive Airdrops -

Receive a ton of special airdrops by holding Blumies Gods NFT! NFTs will be distributed on many events and will have value in the future by going into Blumies Specials collection!

- 6. Juicy Alpha Channels -

We are now ready to present channels with holders only information about what we do in the background - our purchases outside the collection, our thoughts on certain topics and in general what we believe in and see a huge potential so you can also participate with us to gain necessary knowledge and boost your portfolio!

- 7. Discounted & Free Offers -

By becoming Blumies Gods holder you will have discounted offers to our future mints and for free as well for being part of our amazing project. This is an extra layer of value besides airdrops and other offers.

- 8. Find Legendary Blumies Gods -

Each person that finds one of our Legendary Blumies Gods will receive an enourmous amount of gifts - ton of $CRO, extra exclusive Aidrops for only Legendary NFT holders, Daily $CRO Claim for Legendary, discounted & free mints, Cronos NFTs & more! Legendary NFTs serve a lot of value, there not just rare to find!

- 9. Blumies Gods Coins -

Besides an enormous amount of juicy perks listed above every holder of Blumies Gods will be able to receive Blumies Coins that can be used in our Discord to receive a lot more extra $CRO depending on amount of NFTs you hold!

- 10. Ryoshi -

We will be also joining Ryoshi as all of you wanted with Blumies Gods! Building a group of strong and blue chip members!

- 11. Merch & Gifts -

Holders of Blumies Gods will have access to our shop where different items can be purchased as well as special offers/gifts that will have a limited supply!

- 12. Daily Rumbles, Weekly Giveaways & more -
Besides all other events there will be daily rumbles and weekly giveaways for all Blumies Gods holders as well as Zealy and more! Discord isn't just a place to chat but an insanely good way to boost your earnings significantly!

- 13. Free Blumies Tickets & Customs -
For earning a certain number of NFTs you'll be able to receive free Blumies Tickets that earn you a ton of perks every Phase and as well as first ever Custom NFT Gods that can be designed by your preferences!

- 14,15,16... To be Revealed -

We're slowly revealing all of the Blumies Gods roadmap plans before the mint takes place, stay tuned and check back later to see what's new here! 


- How to Purchase Blumies Gods? -

There will be 2 ways to receive Blumies Gods NFTs:

1. For every 4x Blumies NFTs burned you'll receive a 1x Free Blumies Gods NFT to mint. This option is limited and won't last for long so be quick when we announce the burning period. A couple days prior mint burning will no longer be possible.

2. Second option is mint for $CRO. Free mint won't include a chance to mint a Legendary Blumies Gods NFTs - only $CRO minters will stand a chance to receive one of 19 Legendary Gods NFTs that comes with enormous amount of rewards for finding one!

Mint price and date will be announced soon!

  • What will be Blumies Gods mint price?
    Mint price is yet to be announced.
  • Where and when will mint take place?
    Minting date is yet to be announced - in beginning of February. You'll be able to mint through our second website that will be created by Crodoo!
  • What will be Blumies Gods supply?
    The total supply will be 4000 NFTs, out of which less than half will be for public mint. A maximum of 2000 NFTs will be for sale, other half will go to Blumies burned & for future distribution. Public mint will be for $CRO and will include 19 Legendary Blumies Gods NFTs - if you are lucky enough to mint one an enormous amount of gifts such as $CRO, NFT Airdops, Custom Art & a lot more goes with it!
  • How many can I burn or mint?
    When burning will begin there won't be a limit to amount of Blumies NFTs you can burn, but as burned supply will increase you might not be able to burn as much as you wanted to so be quick! Blumies Gods NFTs that will be for sale will have a maximum of 50 NFTs per wallet.
  • Will current utilities migrate to Blumies Gods?
    Yes - Blumies Gods will have an increased boost in all of the earnings for such reason by burning Blumies NFTs to exchange for Blumies Gods NFTs you'll earn more than you currently are besides all utilities that will be added for Blumies Gods NFTs. Blumies NFTs will have some functions disabled/migrated such as daily claim and will migrate to Blumies Gods NFTs. For current Blumies NFTs holders is is extremely beneficial to burn for an exchange of free Blumies Gods NFTs mints.
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