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Animation & Art Services Provided by Our Team Members

A team of 3 people with over 5+ years of experience offering high quality art and animations with sound effects included for other NFT projects on Ethereum/Cronos/Solana and more. If you are interested working with us please check out the contact information at the end of this page and some of the examples from our team members.



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Sound-effects & Marketing


Script Writer/Advanced Edits


Animations & Art Creator

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Discord Stickers

Movies (Up to ~10min)

Custom Animations

Over 70+ Animations Created

Custom Art

Up to 10,000 NFT Collections

Private art and more!

Over 320+ custom art designs

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  1. Prices range from 30$ up to thousands.

  2. Everything depends on quality/lengths/details and other factors.

  3. We can give an estimate only after hearing your idea and also providing you with multiple offers to decide which suits you the best.

How much it costs?

Why should I work with you?

  1. By working with us we can guarantee to deliver exclusive work pretty fast compared to other competitors.

  2. We do not use art samples from others or AI for animations & art. Everything you see is crafted only by us and won't have any copyrighted material.

  3. You will have multiple choices fitting the budget you feel good working with.

How to start?

  1. If you would like to work with us please contact through Discord:
    ifantasy or katiegordyy.

  2. One of us might have reached out to you first already and provided with the link to this page.

  3. You may also contact us through Twitter or by writing an e-mail to:

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Only Desktop Version Available

Mobile Version in Development*

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